About Markon Solutions

Founded in 2007, Markon Solutions is a nationally recognized consulting firm headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. We have employees across the U.S. and overseas in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our professionals support commercial clients, as well as intelligence, defense, and civil agencies. Markon specializes in facilities support, financial management, acquisition management, and security consulting services.

What employees say

“I am surrounded by people who constantly think efficiently, strategically and broadly, which translates into how my colleagues on project site perform. ”
“The core values that Markon consistently highlights and falls back on make me proud to be a part of this company. ”
“Markon is a great, employee-focused company. It makes completing the job easier when I know I'm cared for by my company.”
“I feel I'm part of a team and that my opinion matters/is valued.”
“I feel appreciated.”
Where to find Markon Solutions