About Veritas School

Unique in Richmond, Veritas School offers a robust Pre K – 12 classical education in a joy-filled, supportive and Christ-centered environment. On our beautiful campus in historic Northside Richmond, Veritas teaches the skills students need to become lifelong learners. Hallmarks of a classical education at Veritas include: a concentration on the great works of art, literature and philosophy, exceptional instruction in math and science, significant training in logic and rhetoric, fully integrated visual and performing arts, systematic instruction in Latin and a Pre K-12 curriculum rooted in our belief that all areas of academic study provide opportunities to discern and emulate the true, the good and the beautiful.

What employees say

“I have the ability to work with students whom I love dearly and I work with faculty who are like-minded.”
“The mission, the students, and the faculty.”
“The wisdom of the leadership and the commitment of the faculty to the students. We are teaching students and not subjects.”
“A strong team that genuinely cares about the students and parents.”
Where to find Veritas School